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Richard Sutton
Telephone:01487 840150
Address:5 Loftsteads, Somersham PE28 3HX

I moved into the village, with my wife, during the May Bank Holiday in1975.

Despite being welcomed with a snow storm we are still in the same house.

I have worked for local undertakings including Cambridge Water, a bed manufacturer and a food producer in the Computer departments until I retired.

For the past 15 years I have been on the Parish Council working, as we all do, for the benefit of the village. It is rewarding work, even if unsung, because people only notice when things are not right.

My hope is that I can continue to do my best for the village as long as possible.

Mervyn Greaves
Telephone:01487 842255
Address:Merle Cottage, Parkhall Road, Somersham PE28 HF

I have lived in Somersham, with my wife Kathleen, for over thirty years. Our two daughters were born and brought up here and both attended Somersham primary school followed by Ramsey Ailwyn and Abbey schools.  I am employed in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Cambridge.  I am active in the village as a member of the Christmas lights working party, a bellringer at Somersham Parish Church and an occasional unit helper with Girlguiding Somersham.  I am a member of the Finance and Amenity sub-committees of the Parish Council.    I joined the Parish Council because now our family have grown up I wanted to contribute more formally to the life and activities of the village.

Deb Carr
Telephone:07545 601763
Address:13, Bank Avenue, Somersham
PE28 33DH

I moved to Cambridgeshire from Shropshire in 2010 and settled in Somersham in July 2011.

I am currently a Director of a group of Independent Schools that provide education to those young people who have a different way of learning.

I feel lucky and privileged to have had a career working with children and young people with complex and diverse needs in a variety of settings; for more years than I would like to admit.

I feel Somersham is a lovely area and we are extremely lucky to have the Nature Reserve and the Norwood facility to name just two.

I think the people of Somersham, like me, may feel though that there are areas for further improvement; such as public transport and for places for older teenagers.

I would like to represent the people in Somersham and for this to become a thriving area for all people; from babies through to our mature community.

Steve Criswell
Telephone:01487 740745
Address:23 The Bank, Somersham PE28 3DJ

‘Born and bred’ in Somersham, Steve’s professional background is in farming, fruit growing and garden design. More recently his councillor role has dominated.

Steve has served on Somersham Parish Council since 1990, following in the footsteps of his father Jeff and grandfather Bernard. He served as Chairman from 2010-2013.

In 2004 Steve was elected to the district council to represent Somersham and 5 adjacent villages. At the council he has chaired Overview & Scrutiny panels continuously since 2006. Important areas of involvement and influence include Housing, Public Health, Welfare, Hinchingbrooke Hospital and Leisure Centres.

2006 saw Steve elected onto the County Council, with responsibility for the 8 villages of Somersham and Earith Division. By 2008 he was appointed to serve on the Cabinet, first to lead on Service Transformation and latterly Community Infrastructure. He stood down from Cabinet in 2012 and has since led on important local initiatives.

Recent parish council activity has concentrated on developing the Community Plan and planning the delivery of localism priorities such as highway improvements, public health, assisting older residents, time-banking, supporting business and environmental initiatives.

Despite his considerable workload and wider involvement on 3 councils, Steve insists his biggest reward comes from representing the community and helping local residents.

Alice Eastham
Telephone:07977 504752
Address:7, King Street, Somersham PE28 3EJ

I have recently moved the village, deciding as a family to relocate from Northamptonshire during my maternity leave to be closer to my husband’s job in St Ives.  I have been married for 3 years to a Lancastrian who works in manufacturing and we have a one year old son, Arthur.  I have been a History teacher for 6 years, it’s a tough job but I absolutely love it.  Before I trained to teach I worked in London and have also spent some time travelling and teaching English overseas.  I was born in London but my father’s job as a diplomat meant I grew up in several countries including South Korea and Canada so I’m very happy to have settled in Somersham and we are looking forward to making the area our permanent home.  We love walking our dog and cooking on the BBQ (in any weather) and I am a keen seamstress and general craft enthusiast.  I am so excited about the prospect of becoming a parish councillor and will definitely be keen to get involved, particularly with the youth of the village but also in other areas.  I am confident, organised, passionate and eager to help shape the future of Somersham.

Roy Fabb
Telephone:01487 840122
Address:14, King Street
Somersham PE28 3EJ

I have lived in Somersham since December 1977 when my wife and I moved into Homestead on the Paddocks Estate. In 1985 we move to our present address in King Street. We have four children all of whom when to Somersham Primary School and the Ailwyn and Abbey Secondary Schools in Ramsey.

I was a Governor of the Ailwyn School in Ramsey for 7 years during the 90’s and involved with extensive campaigning to obtain improvements to School Buses, by removal of the 3 pupils to 2 seat loading and replacement of double deckers to coaches during the 1990’s, as well as changing the school to a Grant Maintained School.

I was a Special Constable with Cambs Police from 1991 – 2000, as I was concerned about the lack of visible policing in Somersham and nearby Villages, within this role I became a Section Officer (Sergeant) as well as becoming a community beat officer for Somersham. Within this role I also trained Somersham School Pupils with the Cambs CC Safer Cycling Scheme.

I retired from this position when my full time employment moved to Norfolk, as I then worked a 12 hour day with the commute.

I was a Church Warden at St John’s Somersham for 7 years from 1985 – 1992.

I retired from the Printing Industry, where I was a Production Manager for a Music Printer in 2012.

Since 1997 I have worked part time with my Son’s Businesses as Company Secretary, which involves accounts, payroll and many other varied tasks associated with small businesses, which I now continue in my retirement.

I have always enjoyed working in a Volunteer role within the community and now I have some spare time I thought the Parish Council maybe an ideal role.

Kevin Hawkins
Telephone:01487 841359
Address:57, High Street, Somersham PE28 3JB

I have resided in the Huntingdon area since arriving to take up a post at RAF Brampton in 1992 and purchased a house in Sawtry before retirement from the Army and moving to Warboys, and finally Somersham in 2002.


Since then I have been employed by major IT corporations which kept me very mobile and unable to have any time for involvement in local affairs.  Something which I have always regretted.  Since April 2016 I have been semi-retired, retaining a directorship in H2 IRM, a risk management consultancy, and volunteering part time as a case worker for the Soldiers, Sailors, Airman’s Families Association (SSAFA), working with ex-servicemen who have fallen on hard times.


I am developing a keen interest in local affairs and the way the village is developing in our rapidly changing times.  In particular, I see the development of our environment, our youth and the way we handle our ageing population, as extremely important. 

 I have time to identify issues which are important to local residents and to attend meetings as necessary.

Michael Hoy
Telephone:01487 840523
Address:17 Robert Avenue, Somersham PE28 3EX

I was born in 1944 and grew up in North London and met my wife Barbara in 1963. We married in 1964 and moved to Hertfordshire where we ran a transport café for a number of years before we lost the business due to a new by-pass being built.

We decided to make our home in Cambridgeshire and settled in our present house in 1974. By then we had a small son and baby daughter. I worked for the Cambridge Water Company before deciding to become self-employed and ran a new and second-hand furniture business in Somersham High Street. My next job was working for the transport department for Phoenix Door Panels as a delivery driver. I am now 68yrs old, semi-retired and still driving part-time.

During my time in Somersham – now nearly 40 years- my wife and I have been involved with many village organisations and I have been a Parish Councillor for 25 years.

We now have two grandchildren that we able to spend a lot of time with, enjoy our coastal holiday home, D.I.Y. also working on the allotment and the occasional day sea-fishing.

Tony Hulme
Telephone:01487 840152
Address:21, Lakeway
Somersham PE28 3JN

As I get closer to retirement from Downing College in Cambridge I find that I am becoming more invloved with local groups like the Time Bank and I have thought it would be nice to involve myself again with the Parish   Council.                                                                              I am interested in road safety and the welfare of our youth so would eager to add to these aspects.


Paul McCloskey
Vice Chairman
Telephone:01487 841641
Address:4 Meridian Close, Somersham PE28 3YB

Paul has been a Somersham Parish Councillor since 2005.  He is a retired RAF Aero Systems Engineer who now runs a management consultancy delivering Risk Engineering and Bid Management solutions into the Central Government and Defence Sectors.   As a councillor Paul sits on a number of council working parties including Amenities, Finance & Risk, Localism and Personnel; he also chairs the S4U Newsletter working party.   He represents the Parish Council on the Hunts Flood Forum and also sits as the Parish Council representative on the Hunts District Council Standards Committee.   Paul is the Parish Council representative on the Governing Body of Somersham Primary School where holds the position of Link Governor for Community; he also serves on the Resources and the Standards Committees of the Governing Body.   Additionally, Paul is the Honorary Secretary to the Somersham Nature Reserve Group and a volunteer for the RSPB at Fen Drayton.  He is also a local volunteer for the Cambridgeshire CAMTAD (Campaign for Tackling Acquired Deafness) where he helps run local surgeries to support and manage hearing technologies.

Lesley Minter
Telephone:01487 841837
Address:37 Pennway, Somersham PE28 3JJ

I taught in primary schools in London, Malta, Germany and Cambridgeshire for a total of thirty nine years, including the last few as head teacher in Elsworth.

After my retirement I became a volunteer at the library.  I am now a director and trustee of what has become Somersham Community Library (FOSL).

I joined the parish council when I heard that only one woman was remaining for the following year and I felt that did not represent our community very well.  Happily, in the event, two other women joined at the same time.

As part of my PC duties, I became a trustee of the Somersham Feoffees and discovered that I was the first woman since the trust was set up over 400 years ago!

I became chair of the youth working party when it re opened in May 2007.
Since then we have doubled the size of the village playground by fundraising to put in equipment suitable for older children.
We have also taken over responsibility for running the youth clubs from the county council.

I am also vice chair and booking clerk for the Victory Hall.  I have led fund raising for several improvements to the building.

Leah Robertson
Telephone:07972 854937
Address:49, The Paddock, Somersham PE28 9DU

I have lived in Somersham for 12 months now (I previously lived in Fenstanton) and have really enjoyed getting to know people in the local community. I have been very impressed by the way people speak about the community, how much goes on and have been impressed with the local Time Bank.  I am currently in my 6th year of teaching and am eager to start to contribute more to the wider community. Over the last six months I have enjoyed going into old people's home and playing music for them. I know that through giving to the community and helping people's lives to be a little bit easier and happier that in return this brings with it an immense amount of satisfaction.


Graham Siggs
Telephone:01487 840083
Address:1 Library Walk, Somersham PE28 3FN

Graham joined the Parish Council in 2007 and currently serves on the Christmas Lights, Finance & Risk Management and Amenity Area working parties. He is a member of the management committee of the History Society,  Friends of Somersham Local Nature Reserve, Parkhall Surgery Patients Group and is a Welfare Officer for the Royal Air Force (RAF) Association.

Graham joined the RAF in 1961 and served as an Electrical Engineer for nearly 40 years at bases throughout the world, on retirement he was employed by the MOD at Wyton and Brampton for a further 5 years. When he finally retired he set up his own electrical equipment testing firm “HUNTSPAT” which ceased trading in 2016.

When Graham was looking for a property on his retirement from the RAF, in the late 1990s, he came upon Somersham purely by chance. He liked the village and was impressed by the community spirit. Today, apart from his family, walking the dogs and indulging in his passion for genealogy, his main interest is Somersham and involving himself in its many activities.

Dianna Skeggs
Telephone:07919 890808
Address:111, High Street, Somersham PE28 3EH

I have been in and around Somersham for basically + 60 years. My family have lived here since 1825. I feel that I could be beneficial in the development and running of the village for all people.

I am following in the steps of my ancestors, many of whom have participated in the development of the town, having been on the Parish Council as well as the Church Parochial Council.

I have vast experience in business both national and international as well as a life time’s learning. I am a believer in the individuality and independence of each person.

Having a love for the town I wish to see development in a sensitive manner with emphases on the environment – Nature and the Living quality for all.

I have a great sensivity over the waste of all resources, especially, in this instance money and all interference with the life of people.